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Monday, November 30, 2015

The Pond The Fire The Cross/ Chapter One

The Pond The Fire The Cross

Wow! Chapter one is finished! If you would like a free copy of the unedited version just fill out your contact information in the contact form on the blog. I would love to send you a free copy.

Sedimentary My Dear

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It’s as if the tiny pieces of sediment in the pond is providing a way for them to safety. How could that be, it makes no sense. Without hesitation they both grab onto one of the sediments, as they get closer and closer to the top they see these little particles gathering around them like an army as if they have come to their rescue to save them from drowning. With each one they grab, they continually get closer to safety. The pond is talking.

Friday, November 27, 2015

The Pond Is Alive


Susan and Ben stand by the pond gazing into the mystery of what it holds. As they intentionally focus in, they feel a pull  so strong that it’s as if they might be sucked in never to be seen again. How can something so far fetched seem to be so real. As they gaze into its reaches it seems to be opening up to reveal it’s secrets. Why them, why now, why not? They begin to wade in with a caution that rivals walking thru a mine field. The power is overwhelming, the lure has called, and it’s time to swim.

As they begin to get deeper they realize they either have to swim or drown. They start thrashing around fighting for their lives as if they will drown in the undertow of existence. The turbulence is overpowering, they cling onto each other for dear life, but the monster is too strong. They begin to scream for help. They finally take their last breath, then there's a tug, their hearts begin to grab hold to something, someone, whatever it is they feel safe.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Walk to the pond

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Susan reaches over touches his hand, then gently hugs him whispering it’s gonna be Ok. Ben speaks quietly in her ear, you know I’ve been praying, me to says Susan. She says you think there’s anything to this God thing, he says I don’t know maybe we should give it a try it can’t hurt. They hold hands and take a walk out to the pond.

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Can't see the top

The company was failing, I didn’t know what to do, so I started juggling the books. I began stealing money to pay our bills as well as manipulating the books to offset the deficits. The more I did it the deeper it got. Finally Reid Caught on to my schemes. He did the right thing by turning the information over to the IRS. As a CPA he is legally bound to take the action he took. Now I will be facing possible prison time as well as a large fine. Ben bent over, tightly grasped his head, and began to sob.

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Chained lies

There’s a cry being heard. Where is it coming from?Could it be the pond, Susan’s house, Stone electric? It’s hard to tell, but one thing for sure it’s a painful, soul-drenched yearning, a mourning cry that is challenged only  by the bitter denial of the truth that’s chained to the lies of what could be.

First Thought Wrong

Ben tells Susan to call someone to take the kids for a couple of days, this is serious he says. Susan looks as if every ounce of blood has drained out of her face. Her first thought did she do something wrong, has he found someone else. Fear has grabbed her soul, but only for the moment. The pond is calling louder than ever before.

Monday, November 23, 2015

Nap time

It’s eleven am and Susan has finally put the little tikes down for a nap.  Finally she has a moment to sit down , have a glass of wine , and breath.To her surprize Ben walks thru the door. He’s never home this time of day, Ben looks at her with a very serious look, and says, it’s a little early for wine isn’t it? She replies, I needed a break and the wine helps me relax. Ben looks at her with a second glance and thinks to himself, she looks a little to relaxed.We need to talk, he says with a very somber serious voice.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

A miracle is stirring

Page 8

Something is miraculously stirring at the pond. The water has a clarity like never before, the sediment in the pond is stirring and floating around as if each piece has a name and can be identified, as it dances to the top of the pond  singing a song of restoration. How can this be, how could something so beautiful be lurking in a isolated rarely visited dangerously mysterious place. Could it be the pond monster has left the pond, has something else taken over? It appears as if this new entity is in command

Belly Up

Ben summons the entire  company to a meeting -- As A result of my actions this company is going to have to shutdown immediately. I have no other choice. I have decided to pay all of my employees  their full salary for the next three months, except the executive team  to which we will workout an exit strategy individually.I sincerely give you my deepest regrets, and  wish you all the best in your future careers. I will be facing some serious legal issues as a result of my behaviour. Please keep me and my family in your prayers. The waters of the pond are beginning to clear

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hard At Work

As I'm writing this book I Am amazed at the direction it's going. I truly feel God has called me to do this. I Have written  several books before but never had such a driven passion.I hope it will touch your life like it's touching mine. Follow along as I write it, become part of it; send me your ideas. I hope it gives you a view to the cross with a new pair of glasses. See you at the cross!

Confession Time

Ben hangs his head in shame, he is devastated. The words are stuck in his throat, then they finally come out. I have been building this company for going on 11 years, and have been very proud of the direction it has been going in until now. Things began to unfold a little over a year ago, and I felt like I was on an island all alone. I didn’t know which way to go, and was ashamed of the fact that I allowed the company to fall into such disarray . At that point, the only way out I could see was to hide the problems in hope that over time they would correct themselves, but the opposite happened, the problems got deeper, and I dug in my covert behavior even deeper, then I realized I was trapped, and there was no turning back. The pond is calling...

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

As The World Crumbles

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As Ben is driving into work his mind is racing  a million miles an hour. Finally he’s gonna have to face the music. He walks into the room and everyone is seated. He takes his seat and Reid begins the meeting.Without hesitation Reid gets to the point. The forensic accounting team has determined unequivocally through intense analysis that all of the forged acquisitions, and false entries into the books were entered by Benjamin  J Strong. All of the evidence as documented has been turned over to the proper authorities, as well as the IRS.Everyone looks at each other  in shock, Ben's, head drops ,. After a brief silence, Reid looks sternly into Ben’s eyes and says, Ben we need to hear from you.  

It's Time To Talk

Finally Ben and Susan sits down to talk. it’s been way too long. There’s no doubt they have isolated themselves from each other; but why? Has their love for each other dwindled, or could it be the world has choked the life out of them and eaten up all of their time with false promises of happiness? They look into each other's eyes as if they’re looking at a stranger for the first time. Who will break the ice? Susan looks at Ben with a solemn hidden glare as if she could smother him with kisses or choke him until he passes out. Ben see’s this look, it’s not unfamiliar,.He waits.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


There’s a knock at the door, a tall medium built stranger is standing there in what looks like something an undertaker would be wearing, and holding in his hand  a folded formal looking document. Ben answers the door, and says may I help you? The stranger says, is Ben  Strong available, Ben replies , Im him. The stranger answers, Mr. Strong I m Ken Davis, with the IRS, I’m here to serve you a summons to appear in  federal court, you have been served. Ben stands at the door in shock as the undertaker walks away. The pond bubbles!

Monday, November 16, 2015

It's getting close

A week has gone by and Tammy is back to her little girl self, playing with her imaginary friends , serving them tea, and crumpets, , and enjoying her life to the fullest. Ben is standing in the background watching his little angel playing, and thinking God for his gift. As he continues to watch her, his mind drifts back to Strong Electric, and the ongoing crisis he must face. Ben knows he is going to have to face the dilemma, but truly fears what is about to take place, you see he knows something no one else knows, what has been his little secret ,up until now. The pond is stirring again, and what is about to surface is going to be life changing for everyone involved


Image result for pics of a little girl in a coma

Suddenly his cell phone rings, and the mystery at the pond disappears. It’s Susan, you need to get to the hospital, and quick. The Doctors have decided to wake Tammy up, out of her coma, it could go either way. Susan with a crack in her voice says, please hurry! Ben, replies, I’m on my way. He takes a short glance back at the pond, and says to himself, this mystery will have to wait. It’s a twenty minute drive to the hospital,he makes it in fifteen. He walks into the room , several Doctors , and nurses are gathered around her bed. One of the Doctors ask Ben and Susan, are you ready. They both nod their heads.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

The Unfamiliar

Ben hears the news, Tammy is in a coma caused by a fever of unknown origins that has spiked through the roof. he’s lost, he tries to comfort Susan but his attempt is scurred at best. Finally Ben decides to go to the pond, he needs some peace a place so he can think, some answers. As he sits at the pond, he can see something moving, it peers at him as if to say come on in the water is fine, but he fights this possibly sinister drawing as if it’s trying to rob him of who he his, and pull him  from the familiar down into a place of  the unfamiliar.

River Of Tears

Ben arrives at the ER, and looks around for Susan, but she’s nowhere to be found. He ask  the nurse where Mrs. Strong is, she says come with me, she’s in the room with her daughter. Susan is sitting by the bed holding Tammy”s hand with a look of utter exhaustion breaching her normally vibrant appearance. Ben’s heart stops, his eyes tear up, the fallen expression screams for an answer, but he can’t speak a word. Susan looks up, with her makeup dripping down her face from the river of tears streaming down her face , it’s not good she says. Ben still can’t speak,he just stands there looking out into space as if he’s trying to see the future.He’s powerless, and doesn't have a clue of how to respond.

Friday, November 13, 2015

The Haze

There’s a misty haze hovering over the top of the pond as if it’s afraid to touch the top in fear that it may be dragged down into the depths of it’s mysterious under life. It’s as if it’s asking, what is this sedimentary life form , and why is it calling me. It seems to have a pull, a draw, a tough, that is alluring, but at the same time repelling.The freakish atmosphere around the pond is latching as well as hypnotically producing and inquisitive draw that cannot be denied. The call is producing a yearning, the yearning is creating a desire, and the deisre is drawing like a siphon to extract something from deep within.

Saved By The Bell

Suddenly the phone rings, as it cracks through the silence Reed answers and says Ben it’s Susan, sounds important. Ben grabs the phone, you can hear his breathing began to take on a new pace, oh my God, I’ll be right there. Ben jumps up and says I have to go, it’s Tammy, Susan had to take her to the ER. We will have to continue this meeting later. I will call you as soon as I find out what the prognosis is. Everyone wanders out of the office without a word.

Who did It

After intense scrutiny of the books I discovered a discrepancy that led to only one conclusion, someone has been juggling the books. In order to confirm, and discover not only the issue, but get to the root of the problem I called in a forensic CPA firm. You could see the blank stairs on everyone’s face. Reid really began to fidget in his chair .. The firm came to the conclusion that there we’re three people in the company in a position to manipulate the books, They discovered Ben, Paul, and Reid we’re the only ones with that level of access. They came to an unequivocal determination that that person is: before he could get the words out of his mouth, Ben interrupts. I cannot, and will not believe that anyone in this company could stoop to anything this low, and I will stand by my men to the end.Silence filled the air.

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Unbeknownst to Ben and Paul, Reid has called in a forensic auditor to go through the books. His findings were alarming., Reid was right, there’s a pickpocket in the company, and to his surprize, it’s been narrowed down to three people. This is a position  no man wants   to be put in. The only approach to a situation like this is to pull the trigger with accurate aim, a shotgun blast would be of no value. Now reed is locked  and loaded , and the bullseye is in focus. Bang!!!!

Chicken In A hog Pen

Image result for pic of a chicken in a hog pen

Reed’s cognitive abilities have dwindled to the point of nothingness. The newfound finding of the unbalanced ledger has grabbed him, and taken him into a stupor of unsubstantiated accusatory paranoid thoughts for everyone at Strong. He’s made his decision, it’s time to call Ben and Paul, for a meeting. Paul is management, he is in charge of the day to day operations in the field. He’s a big burly tough ramrod  of a guy that get’s things done , and takes no prisoners. As they gather in the room, you can see the expression of seriousness on Reed’s face stick out like a chicken in a hog pen. Batter up!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lets Talk

Ben wakes up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee, stumbles into the kitchen, pours a cup of coffee, and sits at the table in a daze. Susan walks in and says good morning, Ben replies with a cordial, morning barely looking up from his downward stare into his coffee cup. It’s as if they're in the same room but different planets. You can tell they both have something heavy on their minds and want to talk, but just can’t seem to engage their bond. The question therein lies, is there a bond, or has the bond broken . Then Ben looks up from his coffee and subtly says, we need to talk.

The stirring

There’s a thickness like mud around Stone Electric these days. What use to be a bustling excitement has turned into a busted spirit. Everyone one is on edge. Everyone is looking at everyone else with suspicion wondering who’s  angling to stay, the distrust has become so prickly to the point that short sighted revenge has become the norm. What they don’t know is that something is stirring at the pond with such enormous power to the point it will affect everyone,and everything around them with life changing congruence..

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Book cooker

A dollar doesn't go as far as it use to, and talk is at a value that has hit it’s lowest point to date for Reed. As Reed pours over the books for the company he notices something is just not right. The numbers aren’t matching up. Purchases are showing that have no items. How could that be. He digs deeper. Alarms are going off, red flags are waving. Is it possible someone is cooking the books. His accounting procedure of first in first out is not matching up.Someone has been cooking the books. How could that be without his knowledge,after all, he is the CFO, and it is his responsibility to know where every cent is going, and who's driving the truck.

hypnotic Trance

From a distance what appears to be the ocean is only a long grassy field that seems to go on forever. Ben sits in his pickup staring out into oblivion as if he’s asking the emptiness for advice. Lost, and torn from the  current situation at Strong Electric he’s at a pivotal point in his life where a decision has to be made. What will people say when they find out he’s a failure. Will they laugh at him in discuss, will his friends, family, associates disown him . Out of nowhere there’s a sudden knock on his door. It’s Carrie his administrative assistant. How could she possibly find him out in the middle of nowhere. Then reality set in, he wasn't in his truck, there was no field, he had drifted so far into his inner self to the point of being in a hypnotic trance of delusion. He’s thinking to himself, what is wrong with me, God help me.

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bitter denial

There’s a cry being heard. Where is it coming from?Could it be the pond, Susan’s house, Stone electric? It’s hard to tell, but one thing for sure it’s a painful, soul drenching yearning , mourning cry that is challenged only  by the bitter denial of the truth that’s chained to the lies of what could be.

The Limit

I have finally had it, everything has become so overwhelming to the point that I just can’t do this anymore. Susan finally shares this revelation, with her best friend Melanie for the first time. Melanie sits in shock pondering what she can say to encourage her best friend. Susan has always carried the appearance of the perfect family with all of the trappings of success. The big fancy house in a gated community , .the husband entrepreneur with a vitally thriving business, three kids, a new car, and all, the wine she can stomach. Melanie says, I know just how you feel.  Susan snaps back, how can you know how I feel, your single, with no children, don’t you dare patronize me. Melanie responds by saying, I didn’t mean it that way, I only meant I know you're hurting, and I feel for you. Susan snorts back, whatever. They both pause, take a deep breath, and another sip of wine. Silence is now in charge.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Somethings stirring

Something is stirring at the pond, it’s kind of difficult to see what it is, because the water is murky from last night's storm. Whatever it is, it’s definitely frightening, and can barely be made out through all of the sediment, it appears to be huge with a powerful presence as it  stirs and boils the water. Will the onlooker run, will he face the unknown presence, or will he flee? Time will test all things. As the presence grows, a choice will have to be made. For now the onlooker ponders in fear, with his imagination growing to disproportionate levels. He has now been swallowed by the fear of the unknown, as he stands frozen in the fire of his own imagination.

Friday, November 6, 2015

The gauntlet

We've had a number of great years financially, and if that wasn’t the case we would have to close the doors today. As Paul and Reed can attest too, it’s really not looking good for us. All of the employees of Strong Electric are huddled into the  small conference room like sardines with fearful anticipation  of their futures, wondering who the axe will drop on. As Ben continues to speak you can see the expressions of fear on the faces of his employees.How will I pay my mortgage, will I have to send my kids to public school, how long will it take to find another job, what will my wife, my husband say, these are some of the thoughts running through thei minds.. Ben pauses takes a  deep breath, then turns the meeting over to Paul, the CFO for Strong Electric. Now Paul with a stern sad look on his face drops the gauntlet.

Thursday, November 5, 2015

poor shirley

It’s been a long morning, and. I haven’t been able to get a thing done. Sherry, a stay at home Mom with a husband who’s never there, is pushed to her limits with two toddlers, and one 6 year old. While she truly loves her children, at times she would like to hock them for a trip to Paris. No different from most Moms, who suffer from childitis Between home schooling the six year old, and chasing toddlers all day her mind seems to caught up on a whirlwind  of lonely never ending task.She's thinking surely there must be relief somehow.

Chapter One The pond

Chapter One

The Pond

Out in a lonely secluded spot in the country, off of a dusty clay road, sets a beautiful pond shadowed only by moss drenched southern oaks reaching out as if they were protecting the stilled area around them, concealing a treasure not yet ready to be revealed. Could it be they know the onlooker is not quite ready for the treasure the pond has to give up. Who is this mysterious onlooker, why is he there, what is he looking for? The peace, and serenity is almost sterile, bringing  forth an inquisitive anticipation of a secret yet to be told. What will it reveal, who will be the first to find the hidden secrets of the pond? Who is the onlooker?

Introduction - The Pond The Fire The Cross

The Pond,The Fire, The Cross

“It doesn't take long for an idea to happen, nor does it  take long to lose one. Many ideas come and go,but the ones that matter must be valued, fertilized, and messaged at all cost in order to find it’s  true value,as well as its purpose... Last night having a conversation with my longtime friend Melanie, we were talking about God,  then out of nowhere the idea for this book, (“The Pond, The Fire, The Cross”), was handed to me on a platter delivered by God. The fire from that  moment  has not dwindled but  has ignited a newfound  passion to share this message with the world,and to caress this God sent message in my life, with  a better understanding of what I believe to be a way to navigate the journey to the cross with a new pair of glasses. I’m excited! See you at the cross”!