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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

hypnotic Trance

From a distance what appears to be the ocean is only a long grassy field that seems to go on forever. Ben sits in his pickup staring out into oblivion as if he’s asking the emptiness for advice. Lost, and torn from the  current situation at Strong Electric he’s at a pivotal point in his life where a decision has to be made. What will people say when they find out he’s a failure. Will they laugh at him in discuss, will his friends, family, associates disown him . Out of nowhere there’s a sudden knock on his door. It’s Carrie his administrative assistant. How could she possibly find him out in the middle of nowhere. Then reality set in, he wasn't in his truck, there was no field, he had drifted so far into his inner self to the point of being in a hypnotic trance of delusion. He’s thinking to himself, what is wrong with me, God help me.

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