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How would you like your ideas to become part of the plot. I think it could be lots of fun to write this book together. Send me your ideas, and watch the plot thicken.

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Follow the plot. The plot is ongoing, They will show up last paragraph first. If you want to be a part of the book just send me your ideas, and we will consider adding them to the plot. You will get credit as a contributor in the final printing.

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Coffee With God: Holds Stops Goes

Coffee With God: Holds Stops Goes: Hold, Stop, Go I asked, “Why is it we hear and read ...

The Judge Speaks

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Ben walks into the judge's chamber and to his amazement the stranger is setting behind the desk. He’s thinking how could this be, it doesn't make sense. The stranger tells Ben to have a seat. Everyone else is still standing and looking at Ben as if he’s the main attraction. His lawyer walks over and takes a seat by Ben, and grabs his hand. There’s definitely something very strange going on here. There are times when things happen and you just can’t explain it. This is one of those times. A peace fills the room as the stranger begins to speak.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

The Shadow

I'm on the last Chapter of the Pond, The Fire, and the Cross. The secret of the Pond will be revealed soon. Hang in there, it will be worth it.

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Ben’s attorney approaches the bench, and begins whispering to the judge. Immediately the judge calls for a one hour recess. Ben’s is freaking out, and his blood pressure just lit up the courtroom. His attorney leans over and tells him they will be meeting with the judge in his chmbers. As the Prosecutor, Ben and his Attorney begin to enter the Judge's chambers He notices the stranger, rising to his feet. To his befuddlement the stranger heads into the Judge’s chambers also.. Ben flashes back to the pond, and remembers the shadow he saw in the distance. The pond is boiling!