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Thursday, November 5, 2015

Introduction - The Pond The Fire The Cross

The Pond,The Fire, The Cross

“It doesn't take long for an idea to happen, nor does it  take long to lose one. Many ideas come and go,but the ones that matter must be valued, fertilized, and messaged at all cost in order to find it’s  true value,as well as its purpose... Last night having a conversation with my longtime friend Melanie, we were talking about God,  then out of nowhere the idea for this book, (“The Pond, The Fire, The Cross”), was handed to me on a platter delivered by God. The fire from that  moment  has not dwindled but  has ignited a newfound  passion to share this message with the world,and to caress this God sent message in my life, with  a better understanding of what I believe to be a way to navigate the journey to the cross with a new pair of glasses. I’m excited! See you at the cross”!

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