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Friday, November 6, 2015

The gauntlet

We've had a number of great years financially, and if that wasn’t the case we would have to close the doors today. As Paul and Reed can attest too, it’s really not looking good for us. All of the employees of Strong Electric are huddled into the  small conference room like sardines with fearful anticipation  of their futures, wondering who the axe will drop on. As Ben continues to speak you can see the expressions of fear on the faces of his employees.How will I pay my mortgage, will I have to send my kids to public school, how long will it take to find another job, what will my wife, my husband say, these are some of the thoughts running through thei minds.. Ben pauses takes a  deep breath, then turns the meeting over to Paul, the CFO for Strong Electric. Now Paul with a stern sad look on his face drops the gauntlet.

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