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How would you like your ideas to become part of the plot. I think it could be lots of fun to write this book together. Send me your ideas, and watch the plot thicken.

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Follow the plot. The plot is ongoing, They will show up last paragraph first. If you want to be a part of the book just send me your ideas, and we will consider adding them to the plot. You will get credit as a contributor in the final printing.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

The Cross. The Final Chapter

The Pond The Fire The Cross

Now as I come to the end of writing this book the plot has been laid, the foundation is solid. As much as I would like to continue on , and share the ending, I can't. Now the process begins in getting this work ready for publishing. It has been such an experience writing this book, and spending time at the pond. See you at the cross!

The final Chapter

The Judge enters the room, the bailiff says would everyone rise for the honorable
Judge Blankenship. He sits, the crowd sits, and there is a deafening silence. As the judge stares down at his verdict, and ponders what he has written something strange is going on in the back of the room. Ben and his lawyer turns around to see what this spectacle is. They can hardly believe their eyes. The stranger is entrenched in a group of women with some type of clothing that does not seem of this world, and it’s as if the entire courtroom has frozen in time.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Final Chapter

The Pond The Fire The Cross

I'm on the last chapter. I should be finished by the end of next month with the prologue. Go to the beginning of the blog if you would like to catch up. It's been quite a journey writing this book. I can't wait to see how it ends!

Paul the CEO and several of the Strong electric team is sitting in the witness room waiting on their turn to testify. Ben knows they are there, and wonders why. He thought they were on his side, but now he wanders. His mind takes off, painting pictures of different scenarios of things he believes they may be saying. Then he captures his thoughts, and the newfound peace he had only seconds ago returns. Far on the other side of the room he see’s out of the corner of his eyes the stranger. They glimpse at each other and smile. Ben thinks , this is good.