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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

The Picture

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From a freeway hundreds of miles from the stones there’s a stranger on his way to meet the stones, but he doesn't know it.. He’s not even sure why he’s headed that way but there’s a compulsion leading him he can’t resist. He ‘s been driving for hours and decides to pull over and get a bite to eat. There’s a little country dinner that looks as if it came out of a 1950s movie. He walks in looks around and notices a picture on the  wall that seems familiar, but he’s not sure. The waitress walks over and says may I help you, he replies sure I need a table for one. She sits him right in front of this mysterious picture. What a beautiful pond he thinks.

Monday, December 28, 2015

Dissipating Resistance

Image result for pics of an army being defeated

So it begins, there’s a growing, a longing driven by a willingness that can only be accredited to something deep within Susan that’s she’s  just now beginning to tap into. Blau say has left the room and a spark has been ignited along with the fire that’s beginning to burn in Ben. Woe to the past and it’s dark soldiers as they begin to fall one at a time. The resistance from the enemy is fading away like an early morning fog. Soon it will dissipate into the depths of the pond.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Christmas At The Pond

Merry Christmas from  all of us at the Pond! We wish you all could be here with us celebrebrating this wonderful time of the year. It's been a challenging time for the strongs and friends. The good news is an exciting adventure is ahead, and your invited to be a part of it.See you at the pond.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015


Image result for pics of whitewater

Who let the dogs out? Trapped, chained, guilt-ridden and hopeless, that’s been Susan’s modus operandi for several years. The fault of her reality has been incorporated into every aspect of her life, including her family. Now she is at a place where the pre- fabbed factorial pictures in her mind are becoming blurred by a new pair of glasses. She’s just beginning to get adjusted to the new lenses. The view blocked by a river of tears is rapidly taken her down a new stream in life that ends at the pond. The white water is subsiding as she is dumped into the stillness of the water.

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Got Muck

Image result for pics of sediment in a pond

Fear of freedom is often a snare from complete freedom.  The comfortable, the familiar are often magnates to continued irresponsible behavior. I’m not comfortable where I’m at but to change seems too painful. And there is Susan’s dilemma , a wanting desire for completeness but a but a longing, a fleeing from the task at hand. Ok God what do I need to do, my life, my world, my family has all been turned upside down from all of the turmoil? She cringes as the sediment begins to settle.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The Pond Is Boiling

Image result for pics of a pond boiling

Susan looks up in shock, how did I get down here? She doesn't remember the journey, it’s as if she was transported through a  dimension of the unfamiliar. I don’t recall this place, it’s a little frightening, but peaceful all at the same time. Could it be it has something to do with the pond. She then realizes she’s on her knees. What am I doing here she thinks. Then she cries out God are you there? The pond begins to boil as if it’s on fire.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

The Pond The Fire The Cross is now worldwide

The Pond The Fire The Cross

Just a little over a month we are now in 6 countries. Germany is slamming. Thanks to all of the readers following wordwide. Meet you at the Pond!

Prayers reach the Pond

Image result for pics of tears dropping

The cold damp breeze  that normally comes from the pond is beginning to subside. It’s as if there has been a miraculous turn in the strong’s direction. Without hesitation Susan with a whisper of that of a child says please help me. Mel is shocked she didn’t expect this embracive reaction.They begin to talk without walls, and a plan begins to unfold. To Mel’s surprise,  when she ask if it’s ok to pray, she feels the touch of a shaking hand, as drops of tears land on her hand ,as if to say I need you. The prayers reach the pond.

Monday, December 14, 2015

Life Preserver

Image result for pics of life preservers

What makes the motor run? There has to be an engine, and the engine must have fuel. The frame does not move the vehicle. The soul does not run the body it must have an engine, and it must have fuel. No doubt the engine has run out of gas for Susan. It’s time to refuel, and do a tune up. The places, the circumstances the forwarding of doubt and fear to her heart has shut the vehicle down. There’s a life preserver floating on the pond. Will she reach it in time?

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

The Moon Shiness

Image result for pics of moon reflecting off of water

As Susan pours her heart out Melanie notices her speech is and ponders if she should confront her or not. The date the time the place, she’s not sure of, but Mel recognized a change in Susan’s personality that has been alarming for sometime. Believe it or not Susan, I’m here for a couple of reasons, Reid shared with me about the difficulties going on at Strong. Reid and Mel got married after Reid had been with Strong for two years. They met at a cocktail party at Strong. Also she exclaims, I have been concerned for sometime about your mood changes , as well as your drinking habits. Susan begins to cry, and Mel grabs her hand and squeezes tightly. The moon is reflecting over the pond, and a warmth sets in.

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Niagara Falls

Image result for pics of niagara falls

Melanie knocks on the door, Susan says come in, give me a minute, I’ll be right back. Ben Melanie is here, can you give me a minute? Sure, I have a few calls to make. Mel come on in the kitchen, Mel sits down as Susan goes to the fridge and pulls out a half empty bottle of wine and pours a tumbler full. Okay Mel says with concern, something's going on? After slurping down a huge gulp of wine, Susan begins pouring out like Niagara Falls on a rainy day.

Monday, December 7, 2015

Silly Women

Image result for pics of a man not listening to his wife

There’s a silly need all women are born with, and men just don’t get it. They like men to listen to them while their talking. Heaven knows Ben tries, but he seems to be preoccupied beyond repair. Susan was telling him about the time when she first told him about Carrie getting sick, and he absolutely denied ever hearing it. The discussion turned into a battle and the battle ended in a slammed door. One minute Christmas bells are ringing, the next minute fog horns are blowing. Where will this tumble - a -thon lead. There’s a hint of apology in the air. The sediment is still stirring,  and the pond is alive , and at work.