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Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas Glow

Image result for pics of christmas tree with fireplace

Here it is coming up on Christmas and the Stones wasn't feeling it. Then out of nowhere this bit of good news shines like the light from the pond as the Stones break thru the pull of the unquenchable darkness of the dark depths of the call of the world. There’s a place waiting on the marker of hope to be filled by a new and exciting journey never before experienced by this broken family. Yes, the thirst for the water from the pond is beginning to soar, and the fire is growing.

As the Christmas tree stands tall in the living room, the fireplace puts off a glow of warmth that in many ways have never been experienced by this loving family. As they gather around the tree, with all of the presents, their eyes are drawn to the ornament riding on top of the tree like a cowboy sitting high in his saddle. For the first time, it glows with a presence of glee that creates a presence of God that has never been experienced in this home. Ben without thinking begins to pray. The taste of the glow is satisfying, fulfilling, and calling. Will they answer the call? The pond is talking, listen!

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