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Monday, March 14, 2016

The thought train

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Paul the CEO and several of the Strong electric team is sitting in the witness room waiting on their turn to testify. Ben knows they are there and wonders why. He thought they we’re on his side, but now he wanders. Hi mind takes off, painting pictures of different scenarios of things he believes they may be saying. Then he captures his thoughts, and the new found peace he had only seconds ago returns. Far on the other side of the room he see’s out of the corner of his eyes the stranger. They glimpse at each other and smile. Ben thinks , this is good.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Pond The Beginning

The Pond The Fire The Cross

Out in a lonely secluded spot in the country, off of a dusty clay road, sets a beautiful pond shadowed only by moss drenched southern oaks reaching out as if they were protecting the stilled area around them, concealing a treasure not yet ready to be revealed. Could it be they know the onlooker is not quite ready for the treasure the pond has to give up. Who is this mysterious onlooker, why is he there, what is he looking for? The peace, and serenity is almost sterile, bringing  forth an inquisitive anticipation of a secret yet to be told. What will it reveal, who will be the first to find the hidden secrets of the pond? Who is the onlooker?’

It’s been a long morning, and. I haven’t been able to get a thing done. Susan  , a stay at home Mom with a husband who’s never there, is pushed to her limits with two toddlers, and one 6 year old. While she truly loves her children, at times she would like to hock them for a trip to Paris,no different from most Moms who suffer from childitis Between home schooling the six year old, and chasing toddlers all day her mind seems to caught up in a whirlwind  of lonely never ending task.She's thinking surely there must be relief somehow..

We've had a number of great years financially, and if that wasn’t the case we would have to close the doors today. As Paul and Reed can attest too, it’s really not looking good for us. All of the employees at Strong Electric are huddled into the  small conference room like sardines with fearful anticipation  of their futures, wondering who the axe will drop on. As Ben continues to speak you can see the expressions of fear on the faces of his employees.How will I pay my mortgage, will I have to send my kids to public school, how long will it take to find another job, what will my wife, my husband say, these are some of the thoughts running through their minds.. Ben pauses takes a  deep breath, then turns the meeting over to Paul, the CFO of Strong Electric. Now Paul with a stern sad look on his face drops the gauntlet..

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Judgement Day

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The Bailiff announces,please stand the honorable Judge Wycliff will be presiding. Please be seated. Is the prosecution ready? Yes your honor. Is the defense ready? Yes your honor. The court will be presiding over the U.S. government versus Ben Strong, DBA Strong Electric. Is the government ready to present their case? Yes your Honor. Is the defense ready? Yes your Honor. Ben sits quietly as he waits to hear the outcome of his future. He finds himself with a confidence and peace like never before.